The Family

The Family

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5 months down, how many more to go?!?

   Well, instead of rejoicing in the fact that today it has officially been 5 months since Tyson left, I seem to be way more focused on the fact that we still have 2 more months to go! Lord, let it ONLY be 2 more! Funny things happen when your husband is gone for months at a time...I've already mentioned not cooking, not sitting while eating, but I have also (regrettably) taken up watching some bad t.v. I mean bad. Sister Wives is on my DVR. yep, sure is. How can you not watch that? It's like a train wreck that I cannot keep my eyes off of. Another recent favorite, Teen Mom 2. I won't even talk about that.
   Our kids are growing up fast and I swear they grow faster when Tyson is gone. Luke is starting to talk, repeating words and pointing to everything so that he can hear me say it. He loves to say "Dada" and points to Tyson saying Dada whenever we are all on Skype. However, he also randomly yells Dada at the computer anytime I'm on it. Im starting to think he thinks his dad is actually the computer and not a person....  Savannah keeps me laughing. She is about to be 4, and sometimes, she's just weird quirky. Like last week I was getting her dressed and she looked down at her legs and said, "Hey, my legs are right next to each other! They are right next to each other because they are friends, like me and Kayla." Really, I can't make this stuff up! Has she seriously just noticed that her legs are right next to each other? I really hope that is NOT the case. I like to think that she realized she could draw an accurate and relatable analogy of the closeness of her legs and the closeness of herself and her BFF, Kayla.
   Although things can be difficult when Tyson is gone, they can also be good. Knowing that we can all make it through this makes us stronger in the end and makes me realize it would be really hard for my family to be ripped apart by anything else. People say, " I don't know how you do that" or  (my personal favorite) " I could never do that". But you know what, you could do it because what other choice do you have? Walk away? No, you do it because it's worth it and anything worth doing is hard. Really hard.

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