The Family

The Family

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eating while standing up

    So since my husband deployed last October to Bahrain and I have two young children, I have noticed several phenomena, the first being: I no longer sit down to eat. Ever. I was explaining to a friend that I don't sit down to eat dinner anymore because I'm so busy feeding my kids and getting juice or milk and cleaning up all the food they throw drop, that I just kind of eat as I go, never sitting down. Then I realized that I do this for every meal. I mean, why sit down if youre having to just up every 2 minutes to do/get something? Exactly. So I just stopped sitting down at meals. Now when we are at restaurants, I do sit down, but I don't eat. Apparently I can now only do one or the other, but never both simultaneously.

This picture was taken prior to Luke using his fork to launch food off  of his plate. At least he uses his fork.


    Another phenomenon is not cooking. I think I cook 1-2 meals a week. And by cook, I mean throw some Great Value chicken cordon bleu into the oven and whip up a side of applesauce. Or wine. Why make a meal if I don't sit down to eat it, or my kids won't touch it? So, I don't. Plus, between all of the diaper changing, refereeing of who had which toy first, making sure I hit my quota of yelling "no" 200 times per day, and the endless episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I just can't find the time or energy to cook anymore. 
    The last phenomenon is that I now consider wine just as effective, or as effective, as a few Advil. A glass of wine will cure a headache, crankiness, a lonely night, PMS, and it goes really nicely with frozen pizza. 
    So let's put all of this in a positive light; let's dig deep.... I have become really good at multi-tasking while eating, I don't have to plan meals or spend time in the kitchen cooking, I drink a lot of wine. So for all of my complaining, well, wine cures that too!

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