The Family

The Family

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day # 9: rejoining society

  Yesterday I finally began to feel human again and was able to rejoin society after being exiled for a week. Did I mention I also got pink eye, or should I say pink eyes? Yep, in both eyes. I like to do things all the way, be the best at being sick ya know. Yes, I thought I had missed out on that fun experience but no, I've been wearing my super sexy glasses from six years ago and looking like I have blood shot goopy eyes. These are the times I'm happy my husband isn't here to see me. I'm truly a sight.
  I ventured out into the world yesterday- the gym, lunch with a friend, and the mall. It was amazing. I actually felt good (minus the semi blurred vision due to an outdated glasses prescription and antibiotic eye ointment). I have to say I have missed my routine. Not that I go to the lunch and the mall everyday, but heck I actually missed the treadmill. It's true. And poor little Luke, he practically ran into the kid's club at the gym and waved goodbye to me. The kid was ready to get away from me and go play with some other kids. Apparently I am not as good of a playmate as the gym kids. Or he's just sick of me. And after a week of staying around the house, I'm sick of me too.
   As nice as it is to get away from routine, it's just as nice to return to it. It's comfortable, familiar, and predictable. I'm a creature of habit and routine and being away from it too long makes me antsy, nervous even. I like knowing what I'm doing everyday, every hour. Yes, I'm that much of a control freak, but that topic can be saved for another blog.

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