The Family

The Family

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day #41: Pee and Poop- the sequel

   I'm sitting outside on the back deck, under the umbrella enjoying the heat of summer and the occasional breeze. I have two halfway finished magazines, a book, and my computer all to keep me entertained. I've had a productive Monday morning, well I have yet to shower, but I ran 4 miles, cleaned out the guest room, weeded and trimmed up the front yard, and vacuumed downstairs. I plan on going inside in an hour to start dinner; meatloaf, mac and cheese, and baked applesauce. I'm way too excited about dinner. The kids are playing happily together in the kiddie pool, jumping in, splashing. Everything is going great, or so I thought.  Savannah came to me, looking very serious and mumbled something to me. I look at her, thinking I have surely heard her wrong. I ask her to repeat herself. "I pooped under the bucket". I look in the yard and the big red bucket is suspiciously flipped over. I look at her and ask if she is serious. Oh yes, she is. She squatted, pooped, and covered it up with a big red bucket (and how did I miss that, I was sitting right here....). Now, Savannah is 4. The last pooping "accident" she had, she was probably two and potty training; this was no accident. Even worse, she knew it was wrong, which is why she covered it up and then confessed! She was testing me. Because next she said, "Luke did it". Yes, as you may all recall, Luke did poop on the deck last weekend, so Savannah seemed to interpret that as it being okay for her to poop in the yard.and hide it under a bucket. Oh Lord. I made that child clean up the poop with a paper towel and a plastic bag. That was gross. 
   The funny thing is, I had just opened up my computer to blog. and I was wondering what I was going to blog about today. And there it was, (literally) right in front of me.

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