The Family

The Family

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day #51:To all the new moms

I was reminded yesterday of the absolute exhaustion that accompanies motherhood. But especially the new mothers. I am no expert but I have learned a few things along the way. But first off I want to say, being a mom is HARD, and sometimes new moms are not told just how hard it is. Yes, babies are adorable, you wouldn't trade them for anything, they give your life new meaning and purpose, and gosh darn those tiny little clothes! BUT. Sleepless nights, breastfeeding, smelling like puke, not having time to take a shower....
So here are a few tips I've learned along the way:

1. Sleep when the baby sleeps. This is not a helpful suggestion, it is a survival skill. I know you haven't taken a shower, and you don't remember the last time you did laundry, and you want to check Facebook. But don't.
2. Schedule a break. Have a sitter on the calendar and commit to getting out of the house WITHOUT your baby, once a week, once a month, whatever you need to be sane. An hour alone can make your entire day better. I promise.
3. Have friends who are moms. Listen, there are days when you will feel crazy. Actually crazy, like you are seriously considering seeing a therapist. Welcome to the mom club! I'll let you in on a little secret: we all feel crazy most of the time. Especially the first few years months. You need other mothers in your life who can reassure you that you are not crazy, you are just a mother!
4) I know in the beginning, you really feel like you don't know what the H you are doing. But you know more than you realize. At some point you will understand that although your Pediatrician has a degree in babies, and your mother has been a mother much longer than you have, and that your friend has more "mom experience" than know YOUR baby best. Just because your Pediatrician/mom/friend tell you what you are supposed to do or what works best, YOU know what's best for your baby. And it's okay to do things your way.
5) Don't lose yourself. Yes, you are a mother, but you are still who you were before you were a mother. Keep doing the things you love.

That's all I got, but I'm still learning new things My kids are great teachers, I think they teach me more than I teach them!

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