The Family

The Family

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day #14: Home again home again jiggity jig

   We are home! Of course, I could NOT sleep last night. Although I was in my own comfortable big bed, my brain would not shut off. Was it the big coffee I had at 4PM? Possibly. Was it the fact that my baby girl is turning 4 today? Could be. Was it the fact that I have a dentist appointment, doctor's appointment, cupcakes to make, a birthday party with a dozen 4 years olds, swim lessons, and a Change of Command dinner....all in the next 4 days? Yeah, I think that's it. So I dozed off around 2am and woke up at 6am sharp, brain on. Not the best plan to get four hours of sleep after a long day of travel and a bazillion things to do today, but that's what I got. And it's better than nothing.
   Florida did not go as planned. Shocking, I know. I mean, does anything ever go as planned when you are a mother of young children? No, no it does not. The flight out there was challenging at best. In the past month we have battled a multitude of illnesses, but not diarrhea. Apparently we needed to add that to the list, so poor Savannah headed up that effort. For 8 days. While dealing with that, the airport people did not put my stroller on my flight thus leaving me strollerless in Atlanta. For two hours. With two kids, a backpack, a diaper bag, a purse, and a car seat, I couldn't even walk. And do you know who cares? No one at the airport! So I asked a bitchy overworked kind airport employee at our next gate if I could leave my car seat behind the desk so that I could walk through the airport and take my kids to the bathroom and pick up lunch. She said no. I told her I would just leave it at the gate then. She told me she would call the police on me. Yep. Apparently I look like I may be hiding a bomb in the car seat. I told her thank you for all of her help (I may have used some major sarcasm) which was better than throwing the car seat at her while yelling expletives. I found an old couple and through my tears, managed to explain my dilemma. They said of course they would watch my car seat. That was the start to my trip...
   The middle of the trip continued on with Savannah up a few nights, which meant a few hours of sleep for both of us. I'm an eight- hours- of- sleep- a -night kind of gal. Unfortunately, Disney World did not happen due to the running to the potty every hour, but that just means we will do Disney World another time and do it with Daddy. The end of the trip got better, with TONS of beach time, several long runs on the beach, a pedicure, and I finished a book! The kids spent quality time with their grandparents and aunts and got completely and utterly spoiled. So all in all it was a good trip. Could have been better, could have been worse. But that's life, you take what you get, smile, and keep moving on.

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