The Family

The Family

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day #15: Oh me, Oh my!

   My husband called this morning and told me he would be home tomorrow at 1:30PM instead of June 8th.... Oh.My.Gosh. Seriously?? I was jumping up and down like a little girl, I was so excited. I am so excited! Anyway, after hearing my husband was coming home in 30 hours, here is a little peak into my brain:
1) Didn't get that bikini wax...oh well
2) I need to actually wash my sheets. Lately I've been just flipping them around, so I sleep on my side for a while, then take them off and put "Tyson's side" of the sheets on my side, so I eliminate actually having to wash them as often.
3) The floors need to be swept and mopped. And the bathrooms need to be cleaned. When did I last vacuum??
4) Should have mowed the yard, it looks like a jungle
5) I took over the ENTIRE closet and bathroom
6) crap, I have to cook dinner tomorrow night. and not hotdogs again.
7) I hope Savannah stops referring to her father as "Tyson" and starts calling him Dad
8) Wish I had started my birth control....

But you know what?? After six months away, my husband won't care if any of that gets done, so I'm sitting here blogging with a glass of wine, delighting in the fact that tomorrow night at this time, Tyson will be home. With me. And not deployed for the next three years. WooHoo!

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  1. WOOHOO!!!! So exciting and none of that list matters. Too bad you couldn't get someone to have the kids for a night too, lol, but then that wouldn't be fair to them. I'm sure they are so excited to see their daddy.