The Family

The Family

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day #16: My better half

  Well, after six LONG months ( and I mean l-o-n-g), my husband is home! We are in the honey moon phase again, which is a challenge with two kids hanging around.... But the kids have taken to Tyson quickly and Luke seems to remember who he is, which is a relief. Luke was a little unsure at first, seeing his dad in 3D rather than on Skype was confusing, but within half an hour he was his father's shadow. He now prefers Tyson over me, which I love (less diaper changing for me)! Everyone is settling in beautifully and we have Tyson all to ourselves for the next two weeks before he returns to work.
   The next couple of months present new challenges. When your husband has been gone for six months, theres at least a month of an adjustment period, if not more. Life doesn't stop when they are gone, so picking up where you left off is not an option because it's just not possible. Tyson has been on his own for six months and I have been here with the kids doing everything on my own for six months. There are  things that we both have to relearn like- sharing a bed, making coffee for two, parenting together, watching t.v. shows we can both tolerate (no more Desperate Housewives and HGTV)....but it's all worth it because he makes me a better mom, he calms me down when I get wound up,  he listens to me. Simply put, he is my better half.
    I would rather be left here with our kids than leaving my family for six months. In the end, Tyson had it the hardest. Although the next month or two may be bumpy, it'll be a great ride.

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