The Family

The Family

Monday, May 9, 2011

Day # 18: Mother's Day

  Mother's Day started out at the Silengo household with the best gift EVER- my entire family (including myself) slept until 8am! I know, incredible! We then all got dressed and headed to my favorite breakfast place here in Norfolk, The Baker's Crust. Everyone was happy, well I wasn't super happy until I downed my first cup of coffee (note to self: Even when going to breakfast where I will have coffee, I need to take a cup to go with me for the drive to the restaurant and for the wait) and the food was great! Then my husband took us to a local flower shop where he and Savannah picked out some flowers for me. All in all, a wonderful way to start Mother's Day.
   Growing up I didn't really appreciate Mother's Day. Fortunately, my dad knew how important it was to make a big fuss over my mom and now that I am a mother I realize how nice it is to have a special day where I am appreciated for being a mother.
  I spent some time yesterday reflecting on what my mom did for me and just what an amazing woman she is.
- My mother is selfless. Even in the little things, she put us before herself in everything
- She told us she loved us EVERY SINGLE DAY
- She tucked me in until I left for college
- She is my biggest cheerleader
-She used to say she would cut off her own arm if it meant I would avoid hurt in my life. I now fully understand that.
- She used coupons on triple coupon day- while shopping with three kids!
- She never yelled at (until I left the house... we have had a couple of yelling matches since then)
- She home schooled my sisters and I! Now that's love.

  Being a mother is amazing and some days, really hard, but all totally worth it.

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