The Family

The Family

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day #19: The Play date

  Well, I did my good mommy deed of the day. Do I get mommy points for that somewhere?? I arranged a play date for Savannah. Yep, I picked Savannah and her friend up from school. Of course the teachers in carpool line were all very concerned with whether I had an extra car seat. "CHECK HER CAR!! MAKE SURE SHE HAS 2 CAR SEATS!" Um, hello, I drive a mini van, of course I have an extra car seat. They were acting like I was just going to strap her to the roof of the van and drive off. After we got that sorted out, we were off to Chick-fil-a. I mean am I good or am I good? I got them both hopped up on chicken nuggets and chocolate milk (and heck yes we did the french fries too. I mean, is a happy meal really happy when you get a fruit cup. No, absolutely not.) They ate and intermittently played on the germ infested  play ground. Yes, I so let my children play on fast food play grounds. and play grounds at the mall. and bounce houses. People, they are going to get sick no matter what....and in my defense I go through at least a pack of wet ones anti -bacterial hand wipes every time we visit Chick-fil-a or the mall. Or anywhere. I also carry Lysol wipes to go. Yeah, I'm that mom. Anyway, the girls had a blast and I got to sit on the other side of the plate glass windows while drinking my diet coke and reading a People magazine for AN HOUR! This is the closest thing to an official "lunch break" a mom can get. So not only do the girls benefit (I mean, play dates are for the children right?), but I got a caffeine fix and got to catch up on my celebrity gossip. And yes, I do care if Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper have been out on a date. again. Oh, and Gwyneth cooks now. Really? It's okay to be good at just one thing Gwyneth.
   I do have to give props to my husband though. He stayed at home while Luke napped so I could have a Luke-free play date. I mean, don't get me wrong- a 19 month old at any restaurant is a BLAST...but it was nice to just have a pair of 4 year- olds who could eat on their own (without throwing food on the floor), go to the bathroom and wipe themselves unassisted, and who don't yell "no" at me every 5 minutes... apparently shaking his head violently and yelling "no" are currently Luke's favorite things to do right now. Gosh, I don't blame him...I wish I could get away with that some days too.
  But really, do I earn some mommy points for arranging and hosting the play date? I think so.

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  1. did you earn mommy points? I'd say its a possibility! If nothing else, I'd say you earned yourself good karma. And the other mommy will one day hopefully return the favor!