The Family

The Family

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day #29: Baby fever

   I have it. Baby fever. Officially. But then I have afternoons like today and I think, "there is no way in HELL I could throw a baby into the mix and still keep my semi-sane status". The kids aren't doing anything out of the ordinary or particularly irritating; but the combination of me PMSing and them being a 1 year old (whose favorite word is "no!") and a 4 year old (who talks incessantly) is enough for today. And it's hot outside, like really hot. You know the murder rate goes up in the summer months? Yeah, just an FYI. People are easily bothered and looking for a fight. But no, I'm not planning on killing anyone just in case you were wondering. At least not today. But the heat does add to the irritation.
  But back to the issue at hand. Babies. Have you noticed that EVERYONE is pregnant? I have. I even know three girls pregnant with TWINS! And not just the humans are preggo. The geese in our pond have multiple families of baby geese wandering the neighborhood and it takes all I have to not goosenap one, swaddle it, and bring it home. Adding to the fever is that my baby Luke got a big boy haircut on base this weekend and now looks like a 15 year old marine rather than my sweet 20 month old Luke, which is not helping the baby situation. Then I rented Babies (the documentary). Why, why did I do that? Because I have baby fever, that's why! Japanese, Mongolian, and Kenyan babies are just as cute, no wait, cuter than, American babies. And I want one.
   I think I need to go hang out with a pregnant mom friend who is hot and miserable and then move on to a mother of a newborn, you know, the mom who is like a zombie, completely sleep deprived and feeling like a human milk machine? Then maybe my fever will be cured. If not I may need to explore other actually having another baby. I mean, I do already have a minivan.

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