The Family

The Family

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day #30: Life is a beach

   Tyson has been home from work everyday for the past week by noon. It's wonderful. Most of the time. It's feast or famine over here; he's either gone to another country for 6 months or home ALL. THE. TIME.  I seem to be less productive when he is home though, I act like it's Saturday everyday. I've been doing things like forgetting about all the laundry piling up (although I loathe laundry, so maybe I'm just using this as an excuse), not thawing out meat for dinner (which leads to ordering pizza), taking afternoon catnaps. Having a glass of wine every night with dinner. Today we went to the beach. On a Wednesday at 3PM. We also brought our bikes because yes, I have been riding my bike lately (and Tyson bought me a HUGE comfy seat for the bike so it's akin to sitting in a Lazy boy recliner while biking. And I look a little like a grandma, but for the sake of comfort, I don't care!). We also recently invested in a Schwinn kid buggy that attaches to Tyson's bike. So we played at the beach, built sand castles, got in the water, and snacked on watermelon. We then went back to the car, hooked up the buggy to the bikes, got the the kids snacks (again, because my children eat constantly) and went riding down the VB boardwalk as a family unit, little people in tow, giggling the entire time. It was seriously the best Wednesday EVER. Ever. Everyone remained happy throughout the afternoon; no meltdowns, no demands. Did aliens abduct my little people and replace them with look alike robots? Possibly. But either way, me, Tyson, and the robots kids had a blast.

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