The Family

The Family

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day #39: Poop and pee

    My title today says it all. During my first pregnancy I became obsessed overly concerned with bodily functions and the frequency with which they occur. My prenatal vitamins made me constipated, the iron supplements didn't help either, and I was up 3-4 times every night to pee. I mean, bodily functions were a HUGE part of my day and night, no wonder I was so concerned. Well then Savannah was born and for the first WEEK or her life, we had to track her pee/poop output, frequency, and color. (Can you seriously believe I've dedicated an entire blog to poop and pee?? What has my life become?!?) So once I became a mom, talking about stuff like this was normal. I find myself just chatting away with friends about whether Luke has pooped or not, like its all so...normal. And like they care.
  So to tie this story into present day, this morning we went to the beach. When we got home, Tyson stripped Luke down in the backyard and sprayed him off. I went inside and made a quick lunch for the kids so they could eat on the deck while they dried off. I come out and get Luke set up  (naked) on the deck to eat his lunch. The deck is wet and Tyson said he had to spray it off because Luke went up there and started peeing all over it. Classic boy. So he sat on a wet deck and ate his lunch, Savannah right next to him in her swim suit. I then go inside to fix Tyson lunch and when I come out, our lunches in hand, I find that Luke is squatting and has just finished pooping. On the deck. While eating lunch. And then....he stepped in it. True story.
  Theres just never a dull moment around here. And I love it.

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