The Family

The Family

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day #32-#38: Roadtripping to NYC

Where, oh where, do I begin this post? We have just returned from a week long family "vacation" to Philadelphia and New York City (note to self: vacation is NOT roadtripping with the little people; it is a beach.without kids.and a margarita.) Here are the high points though:

- Staying in a historic hotel in Philadelphia where the parking garage was several blocks away. Tyson has now banned us from staying anywhere unless there is on site parking. Apparently hauling the travel crib several blocks through Philly was unpleasant.

- Luke decided to choose this week to begin climbing out of his travel crib.

- Savannah started saying, "holy crack" (holy crap). I should probably stop saying that. But she was also told by her great aunt Claudia that "pouty's not pretty" and she now says that throughout the day to herself.

- Luke entered the pre-terrible -twos and threw FULL.OUT.TANTRUMS. complete with kicking, screaming, and hitting. He did this DURING my sister-in-laws graduation from the Merchant Marine Academy and at EVERY meal we had with family. I wanted to leave him in NYC. Seriously.

- I have a vague memory of being on a booze cruise and then walking barefoot through NYC.  Then passing out sleeping on the train ride home. Not my finest moment.

- Going to bed at 8:30pm because we were all in a hotel room together and my children need complete darkness and silence to sleep. Also, I now have to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Cruisin (the song Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis sing together in Duets) each night to Savannah. I'm not sure why that was the first song that came to mind when Savannah asked me to sing...

- Did you know that 4 year olds and 21 month olds DO NOT appreciate bus tours of NYC? They also do not care about times square, the statue of liberty, or ground zero. Imagine my surprise. Imagine it. They did like the subway though.

- P.S. My baby fever has vanished! Poof! Between tantrums, potty stops, walking blocks (and blocks and blocks and blocks) pushing a stroller in NYC, sleeping in hotel rooms with my little people...suddenly I have no desire for another baby. At least not anytime soon.

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