The Family

The Family

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day # 46: Make your own pizza night

I think we are going to officially start a "pizza dinner night". I mean, who doesn't like pizza (besides Luke when he's being stubborn and trying to piss me off)? And I love the idea of the kids helping with the cooking, it's a good life skill to have. Pizza is so versatile too, so I think we could mix it up enough so we don't get bored with the same thing. Veggie, meat, chicken pesto, mexican, mediterannean, BBQ...the possibilities are endless! It may not be every week, but I'm thinking we could squeeze it in twice a month. So we test drove this plan Saturday night and combined it with a movie and it was a hit. 
   I bought individual pizza crusts for the kids, and a big whole wheat one for Tyson and I (He says it tastes a little like cardboard, I mostly disagree). I found sauce that is squeezable, so the kids had no problem squirting it out and spreading it around with their hands a spatula. I put all the toppings on the table: pepperoni, cheese, and veggies and let them choose what to put on. They had a blast! Throw in an animated movie and my kids thought it was the best.night.ever. Sometimes I forget how easy it is to entertain kids, they don't need Busch Gardens, bike rides, and tons of toys. Sometimes making dinner together and watching a movie is even better than all of that!
making pizza!


and this is why they ate their own pizza! Luke snuck in a few licks of the sauce!

Luke was pretty upset when I took the pizza away to put in the oven.

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