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The Family

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day #61: The backpack part 2

Yes, I'm still talking about the backpack. But this is my last post on it, I swear.
   I decided that the best way to approach the backpack situation was to send my daughter in, armed with her backpack, and see if the teacher decided to call me out on it at the end of the day. I thought about asking if I could bring the backpack, but I feel like since this is a preSCHOOL, I shouldn't have to ask. So I packed up her lunchbox, gloves, extra pair of underwear, and library book and sent her in. At the end of the day, her teacher did call me out. She told me that Savannah did not need to bring a backpack. I asked her where I was supposed to put her gloves, she told me that they teach the kids to put them inside the arms of the coat which I think is stupid. I asked her where I was supposed to put her change of underwear in case of an accident, she told me they have extras at school if that happens (gross, I'd like her to wear her own pair of underwear). I told her that it just makes sense to have a backpack so that at the end of the day(and at the beginning when I'm attempting to get us all out of the door), I'm not holding five school items when I could just put it all into one bag. Unfortunately for her, she made the mistake of telling me, "They just don't need backpacks." Which of course, makes no sense at all. Because they do need them. That's like saying I don't need a purse. Yes, I could hold each item in my hands and stuff them in the sleeves of my coat, but why would I do that when there is something that has been specifically designed to hold my crap?? She then said they don't have room for them and that Savannah's backpack took up HALF of their space designed for lunch boxes. Yes, I'm sure it took up half of the space. So I asked if there was any way they could invest in some hooks for the backpacks, to hang up high so they are not in the way. She looked at me and with some MAJOR attitude said, "Do you want to buy the hooks and hang them up?" To which I said, "I think I just might do that."
   Savannah has only attended this school for a total of two weeks, but in those two weeks I haven't been impressed at all. And I feel like when you pay a monthly tuition, you should be impressed. I don't feel like she has been getting nearly as much out of this school as the one she went to in Virginia. She starts kindergarten in the fall! I want her to be fully prepared and I don't feel that this school is doing that for her, and not just because of the backpack issue.
  Coincidentally, I had been calling around to different schools for Luke for next fall. I had already figured out I didn't want him at this school. I came across one that sounded great and decided to go check it out because registration for next year was already open and filling up fast! I went there and FELL IN LOVE with the director and the school. They seemed more organized, more education-minded, and just nicer. On a whim I asked if they had a spot open for a 4 year old, like right now. She said a spot had just opened that day. Uh huh. Am I taking her out of her other school over a backpack, no. But I know how I am. And every time I walk out of that school holding all of her schoolwork, I'll be thinking, "This could have just gone in a backpack!". But more importantly, this new school leaves no room for doubt and worry that Savannah won't be prepared for kindergarten. I felt confident after speaking to the director (who is also the 4 year old teacher) that Savannah would go into kindergarten with a leg up, and thats really what I want for her.
   Another plus about being the new girl in town- I have no reputation; I have nothing to ruin and nothing to prove. But maybe I'll try not to pick fights at the new school.

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