The Family

The Family

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day #62: as easy as riding a bike

   Riding a bike. Reading. Potty training. What do all of these have in common? So far, they have been some of the most frustrating things to teach my children! It's the things we take for granted, the things we don't think twice about, the things that feel like we've been doing forever. And attempting to teach children how to do it is at times, maddening.
   I took a FB poll recently and discovered that many mom's of boys potty trained closer to the age of three. I know every kid is different, and I know boys are slower at the whole potty training thing than girls. Savannah was a little over two when we started with her. However, she was interrupted by a move and new baby, so she wasn't fully potty trained until just after Luke was born, around 2 1/2. I decided it was absolutely unacceptable, and not to mention crazy expensive, to have two children in diapers.
   To be honest, I'm not looking forward to potty training Luke. I'm in no hurry. Sure, diapers are gross, but they are so convenient for both mommy and baby alike. Potty training is inconvenient. for me. I remember abandoning full shopping carts in the grocery store because Savannah had to go right.that.minute. I'm good with putting that off a few more months.
  Just when I had decided that this summer would be the perfect time to begin potty training, Luke has shown a lot of interest in using the potty. We talk about the potty regularly, we sit on it, we read books about it. Well, last night was the third night in a row that he peed in the potty during bath time. He said he had to go, got out of the tub, stood on his little stool, and peed into the potty! And oh the smile on his face! He is just SO proud of himself. Or maybe he knew what was coming- a pack of fruit snacks!
   I guess if he's really ready, I'm ready. I mean, it is all worth it in the end and ohmygosh- I won't have any of my kids in diapers!!....which also means the end of the baby era. which is a little sad.

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