The Family

The Family

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day #31: Holy heat wave (thanks Amy for my catchy title)

   It was hot today. So hot. The kind of hot where we filled up the baby pool, turned on the sprinklers, and stripped down to the least amount of appropriate clothing possible. For Luke that meant a diaper half of the afternoon and complete nudity the other half. Boys like that being naked and running around thing. I made Tyson keep his shorts on though. It was also the first night in over two weeks that we did not eat outside for dinner. And of course, to top it off, my upstairs AC is not working properly. It's like 80 degrees up there, and I definitely keep it around 74 degrees at night. My air went out last year on July 4th. Apparently the AC must stop working when it's super hot outside. I mean, why can't it break when it's in the 70's and 80's so we could just sleep with our windows open? I'm thinking the guest room on the first floor is calling my name tonight.

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